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Hilton Head Fishing

Hilton Head fishing aboard one of our amazing boats will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable experiences in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Currently we have 3 boats to serve you, your friends, and your family. The Bayunner, The FinAtic, and The Phantom. Call us and we will assist you in making your fishing trip the best it can be.

The #1 fleet of Hilton Head Island fishing boats on the island is run by Capt Miles Altman. The Captain is one of the original Hilton Head captions. He and his experienced, friendly, and engaging crew of fishing captains will take you fishing and much, much more. Want to know about the island? Want to know what restaurants to go to? Want to know what fish are biting? Interested in other things to do when you are island? No problem! The Captains at Bayrunner Fishing Hilton Head have you covered.

You may want to know what the boat captains and first mates do to prepare your Hilton Head Island fishing trip. If you didn’t know… there is a lot that goes into making your fishing trip great. First off, usually the night before they catch the perfect bait for your trip. It is either kept live or put on ice. If it needs to be cut up, they take care of that too.

After they make sure they have the bait all sorted out, the next order of business is to take take care of the rods and reels. They check the fishing lines to make sure they are ready to go. Then, they make sure the lines are free of snags and are ready to cast. The spools are checked as well. Depending on what is biting will determine what hooks and weights will be needed to be added for your HHI fishing excursion. In addition, the fishing rods are checked for strength and durability. Once everything has been checked, the captains and first mates test the rods and reels to make sure they are casting correctly.

Now that the bait is handled and the rods and reels have been checked, on to the boat. They fill up the gas tanks, do safety checks, make sure the gauges are working, check the fluids, make sure the engine is running smoothly, check the radio, check the battery, make certain the coolers and or wells are iced, and make absolutely sure there are enough life vests for all passengers.

Whew! A lot goes into making your fishing trip on Hilton Head AWESOME! But… we don’t mind. We aim to please. We are just doing our job!

Who would enjoy a Hilton Head fishing trip?

We’ve had everybody from 4 to 84 on one of our charter fishing trips and often we get repeat customers who come back and see us year after year after YEAR. We enjoy getting to know you, your friends, and your family. can design the perfect HHI fishing trip for experts, novices, and intermediate types.

What happens to the fish YOU catch on Hilton Head? 

YOU EAT IT! If it is keep-able (there are regulations regarding size and amount),  we filet it for you at the docks, bag it and will even share with you the best way to prepare it. Don’t like to or want to cook it yourself? No problem, we tell you where you can get that handled too.

Don’t worry, we keep current with all the regulations related to catching fish here on Hilton Head Island so you don’t have to.

What should you bring on your HHI Fishing trip?

Bring your own beverages (BYOB). We have coolers filled with the coldest ice cold ice. We also suggest you bring sunscreen, snacks, and a hat too. Depending on the weather, you may want to bring a jacket, as well.

Also, you may want to bring a camera or camera phone for snapping pictures of what you catch or the beautiful scenery your Hilton Head fishing trip is know for.

See you on the water!

Capt Miles

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